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Dave Mihalic was interviewed by Dan O'Neill and William Schneider at the 75th anniversary meetings of the National Park Service in Vail, Colorado. Dave was the first Superintendent at Yukon-Charley Rivers National Preserve. He talks about his personal background, his preparation for the job, and the issues he faced. Mihalic was a member of the "Ranger Task Force" and had previously worked for the Bureau of Land Management in Fairbanks.
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Tape Reference #H91-22-35 and H91-22-36
Dave Mihalic talks to Dan O'Neill and William Schneider on October 9, 1991 in Vail, Colorado about...

1) ... his background and education.
Mihalic, Dave\ Southern Illinois University\ U.S. Army Corps of Engineers\ National Environmental Policy Act\ Oglala Sioux\ Michigan State University\ Glacier National Park\ park management|

2) ... his job as Outdoor Recreation Planner for the Fairbanks District U.S. Bureau of Land Management.
Mihalic, Dave\ Bureau of Land Management - Fairbanks District\ Bradley, Zorro\ Webb, Melody\ D-2 studies\ Alaska Land Use Council\ Federal-State Land Use Planning Commission|

3) ... his return to work for the National Park Service.
Mihalic, Dave\ Glacier National Park\ Yellowstone National Park\ Ranger Task Force - Alaska Task Force|

4) ... his return to Alaska after the Monuments Proclamation, and the anger which Alaskans expressed towards the proclamation.
Ranger Task Force - Alaska Task Force\ "Alaska time"\ Wrangell-Saint Elias National Park\ Glennallen - attitudes\ Yukon-Charley Rivers\ Brown, Bill\ Cook, John\ Eagle - attitudes\ "Heartbreak Hotel" - Glennallen\ Delashment, Harry\ Johnson, Craig\ Tazlina Glacier Lodge\ protests - burning of Cessna 185\ Ranger Task Force - comparison with "Freedom Riders"\ Monuments Proclamation\ National Park Service - attitudes towards|

5) ... how he came to be selected for the task force; thoughts on the enforcement role of the National Park Service.
Ranger Task Force - Alaska Task Force\ Smith, Rick\ Tanner, Bill\ Weyland, Bill\ Townsley, John\ Rocky Mountain Special Events Team\ protests - Denali "trespass"\ National Park Service - civil disobedience against\ National Park Service - law enforcement\ law enforcement - NPS\ protests - Custer battlefield|

6) ... how he dealt with confrontations in Glennallen.
Glennallen - attitudes\ Mihalic, Dave\ National Park Service - attitudes towards\ job stress - NPS\ Alaska Task Force - attitudes\ public contacts - stories\ Alaska Task Force - stories\ "poachers"|

7) ... his feelings about the Monuments Proclamation.
Mihalic, Dave\ Monuments Proclamation\ local versus national interests\ Yukon-Charley - Monuments Proclamation\ Alaska - federal government policy towards\ Alaskans - attitudes \ "lock-up"\ environmental groups - coalitions\ ANCSA\ old pipeline - impact|

8) ... his reaction to the Glennallen area reaction to the Monuments Proclamation.
Mihalic, Dave\ Duffy's Tavern - story\ Ellis, Bill\ National Park Service - attitudes towards\ Glennallen - attitudes|

9) ... what he felt he had to offer the Alaska Task Force; the National Park Service in Alaska.
Mihalic, Dave\ Alaskans - values\ conservation ethic\ National Park Service - goals\ preservation - land\ preservation - historic and cultural values\ gold rush\ National Park Service - place naming policy\ Yukon-Charley - values\ Allison, Carol\ Mertie Mountains - story|

10) ... precedent for the application of the Antiquities Act.
Antiquities Act of 1906\ Roosevelt, Theodore\ Carter, Jimmy\ ANILCA\ Eagle - attitudes\ Cook, John\ Weyland, John\ Mammoth Cave National Park\ National Park Service - attitudes towards|

11) ... the Alaska Task Force and the "nice-guy" syndrome.
Cook, John\ Mihalic, Dave\ rangers - attitudes\ Johnson, Craig\ Delashment, Harry\ Park Service - personnel\ National Park Service - law enforcement\ rangers - backgrounds\ Alaska Task Force - law enforcement|

12) ... the unique nature of Alaska parks in regards to local knowledge of "land issues."
Alaskans - knowledge of land issues\ land management\ Boone, Jack\ Foreman, Bill\ Eagle - attitudes\ public relations - "loyal opposition"\ Yukon-Charley - headquarters|

13) ... his assignment to work at Yukon-Charley.
Mihalic, Dave\ Yellowstone National Park\ Eagle\ Fort Egbert - BLM\ historic preservation - Fort Egbert\ Webb, Melody\ Helmer, Ralph\ James, Vince\ government agencies - procurement\ Circle - NPS presence\ Ambrose, Skip\ Yukon-Charley - procurement|

14) ... his first year in Yukon-Charley.
Mihalic, Dave\ river people - relationship with NPS\ National Park Service - attitudes towards\ Boone, Jack\ Fay, Bean\ Yukon-Charley - planning\ public relations - Eagle\ public relations - Circle\ McDonald, Gordon\ Cook, John\ Yukon-Charley - park users\ Yukon-Charley - visitors\ Yukon-Charley - miners|

15) ... opposition to the National Park Service in Eagle.
Yukon-Charley - headquarters\ Morehead, Jack\ Chase, Don\ Eagle - attitudes\ "poachers"\ Mihalic, Dave\ Scott, Elva\ Scott, Jim\ National Park Service - attitudes towards|

16) ... impact of the National Park Service on the Yukon-Charley area and the Eagle community.
Coal Creek\ Slaven's Cabin\ Yukon-Charley - headquarters\ Eagle - attitudes\ Eagle - historic character\ Yukon-Charley - impact\ Dalle-molle, Lois|

17) ... other issues that arose during his tenure at Yukon-Charley.
mining - Yukon-Charley\ Yukon-Charley - mining\ Layman, J.R.\ Layman, Dennis\ National Park Service - employee attitudes\ preserve versus park\ gold rush - historic value\ National Park Service - concept of history\ Vogler, Joe|

Start of tape # H91-22-36

18) ... issues that came up during his tenure at Yukon-Charley.
mining\ hunting\ State of Alaska - NPS cooperation with\ Yukon-Charley - planning\ preserve versus park\ subsistence\ cabin permits\ river people - relationship with NPS\ Cook, John\ Warnock, Doug\ Peterson, Bob|

19) ... the river people and the National Park Service policies regarding people living within the boundaries of Yukon-Charley.
Yukon-Charley - trespass\ McPhee, John - Coming Into the Country\ river people - trespass\ cabin permits - renewable\ Cook, John\ ANCSA\ Mihalic, Dave\ subsistence permits\ regulations - flexibility\ ANILCA|

20) ... how ANILCA seemed to offer some flexibility in terms of who could live in the preserve area and what they could do there.
regulations - flexibility\ preserve versus park\ river people - values\ ANILCA\ cabin permits\ Cook, Dick\ bush living - philosophy\ subsistence - historic value\ subsistence - non-Native|

21) ... his view that the people who went out on the river in the 1970s were "refugees," not subsistence users.
river people - rationale\ subsistence - concept of\ "living an idea"\ bush living - level of technology\ National Park Service - concept of history\ ANILCA - intent\ cabin permits - "trigger dates"\ river people - attrition\ subsistence - perpetuation\ historic values - definition\ legislative intent - individuals versus ideas\ cabins - management\ Yukon-Charley - river people|

22) ... his distinction between the miners of the gold rush and the "grand, northern, romantic lifestyle" of the river people.
Layman, Dennis\ gold rush versus recent settlers\ ANILCA - intent\ bush living - perpetuation\ subsistence - idealism\ National Park Service - interpretation of ANILCA\ subsistence users - definition|

23) ... his belief that ANILCA does not provide for the perpetuation of a lifestyle but only for the accommodation of users who were present in the park areas at the time of legislation.
Mihalic, Dave\ National Park Service - interpretation of ANILCA\ subsistence users - definition\ Caulfield, Rick\ ANILCA - intent\ ANILCA - Title 8 quote\ Cook, John\ subsistence use commissions|

24) ... the National Park Service's concept of what is historical and what objects and activities should be preserved.
gold rush\ lifestyles - preservation\ Eagle - historical change\ bush living - change|

25) ... mining in the Yukon-Charley area.
mining - historic continuum\ Coal Creek - preservation\ Parks Canada - preservation\ Yukon-Charley - mining\ mining - historic value\ Yukon-Charley - mining\ mining - access|

26) ... the Joe Vogler episode at Woodchopper Creek.
Vogler, Joe\ RS24-77 - roads\ environment - preservation\ permits - access\ access - mining\ access permits - restrictions\ Woodchopper Creek\ Beulenberg Trail - land status\ "winter trail"|

27) ... continues to talk about the Joe Vogler episode.
Conner, Roger\ Finley, Mike\ Vogler, Joe - Woodchopper Creek\ Alaskan Independence Party\ Pittman, Brian\ access permit\ regulations - enforcement\ National Park Service - public relations\ winter trail - environmental damage\ law enforcement - political aspect\ Tanner, Bill\ temporary restraining order\ Circle Hot Springs Hotel - Mihalic quote\ permits - "bona fide use"\ historic use - access\ access - historic use\ Chase, Don\ Gelvin, Ed|

28) ... the National Park Service, " it for the long haul;" shared values among National Park Service employees.
National Park Service - preservation\ Yukon-Charley - goals\ National Park Service - values\ Yukon-Charley - resource development\ resources - development\ preservation - scenery\ Biederman's Camp\ historic values - definition|

29) ... naming geographical features in Yukon-Charley.
Ulvi, Steve\ Goebel, Bill\ place naming - Mihalic's philosophy\ Mihalic, Dave\ National Park Service - place naming policy\ land - reference systems\ Biederman, Charlie\ Malcolm, Matthew\ Malcolm, Sarah\ Yukon-Charley - "a secret"\ Lake Clark\ Gates of the Arctic National Park\ Allison, Richard\ Allison, Carol\ place naming - dynamic\ Mertie, John|

30) ... importance and timeliness of the oral history project on Yukon-Charley.
Yukon-Charley - administrative history\ National Park Service - history in Alaska\ Yukon-Charley - oral history project|

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