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Jane Williams
Tape #H95-21

Jane Williams met with Laurel Tyrrell in a recording studio at the University of Alaska, Fairbanks on February 14, 1995. For a number of years Jane has been conducting research on the history of the Central area including the establishment of the Circle City-Fairbanks Trail. She serves as current archivist of the Circle District Historical Society and maintains a summer residence in Central. She candidly recalled, with a great deal of humor, the people she lived and worked with during her many long years in this corner of Alaska.

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Jane Williams speaks with Laurel Tyrrell about...

1) Jane's early life.
Dayton, Ohio\ Williams, Jane - father\ foundry\ education\ teaching\ higher education\ depression\ Williams, Jane - husband\ H. O. Red Williams|

2) Coming to Alaska.
married\ Williams, Jane - meeting husband\ military service\ coming to Alaska - reasons\ Williams, Jane - children\ Williams, Jane - husband\ jobs\ Fairbanks|

3) On moving to Central.
Williams, Jane - children\ Central - reasons moving to\ Doane\ homestead\ Ericksen, Riley\ Crabb's store\ Alaska Road Commission\ Williams, Jane - husband\ flying|

4) Making a living.
Fort Yukon\ teaching\ Cantwell\ Central\ Lathrop High School\ store\ gas station\ restaurant\ Williams, Jane - nephew\ Williams - husband\ Berdahl, Johnny\ flying\ Circle Hot Springs\ weather observer\ Postmaster\ wage earning|

5) Central.
importance\ Fairbanks\ Central\ store\ Doane, Reginal\ Doane, Reginal - wife\ cabin - fire|

6) Circle to Fairbanks trail.
Wilde, Dorothy\ trail - Circle to Fairbanks\ McQuestion, Jack\ Highway\ highway - conditions\ recording\ Roman, Walter\ miners\ Lake, Johnny\ Anderson, Jack\ Stout, Earl\ newcomers\ airplanes - arrival\ Circle Hot Springs|

7) Roadhouses in the area.
Roadhouse - Central\ Ericksen, Riley\ changing times\ Circle Hot Springs\ Central\ Roadhouse - Birch Creek\ Roadhouse - Faith Creek\ mining\ Eagle Creek\ Mammoth Creek\ Independence Creek\ Ketchem Creek\ gold|

8) Jane figures dates by birth of children.
Williams, Jane - children\ Williams, Jane - figuring time by children's birth\ Robin\ Gene\ Williams, Jane - husband\ Janie|

9) Life in Central.
Central - baby born\ Zurik, Dr.\ Berdahl, Johnny\ Williams, Jane - children\ home schooling\ Williams, Jane - husband|

10) Eagle Creek.
gold mining\ Herring, Bill and Alice\ Fraska, Johnny\ Zimmerman, Mrs.\ berry - picking\ gold mining - hydraulic\ settling ponds\ gold nugget\ Herring, Alice - daughter\ University Museum|

11) Central old timers.
Carstens, Heine\ Anderson, Jack\ hospitality - exchange\ Ulmer, Joe\ mapping\ Nome\ gold - strike it here or there|

12) Central old timers continued.
Langlow, Jens\ Stade\ Switch Creek\ gold - sack\ earning a living\ Langlow, Jens - death\ gold mining - importance of water\ liked life\ gentlemen\ Ulmer, Joe\ hospitality - children\ celebration - Christmas\ St. Nick\ Stout, Earl\ wage earning\ mining\ highway|

13) Central old timers continued.
Steady income\ summer - work\ winter - rest\ Stout, Earl\ Circle hot Springs\ swimming\ hospitality - children\ languages\ Soboloff, Simon\ Carstens, Heine - wife\ Zurik, Dr.|

14) Earl Stout, an old timer.
Stout, Earl\ potatoes\ beans\ Williams, Jane - sons\ study stars\ Haley's Comet\ well read|

15) Johnny Lake, an old timer.
Lake, Johnny\ well read\ hospitality - cabin open\ hospitality - food\ hospitality - cleanliness\ bean pot\ dishes\ washtub\ cabin - fire\ Lake, Johnny - death\ kerosene|

16) Johnny Lake and Joe Ulmer.
Ulmer, Joe\ neighbors\ hospitality - cleanliness\ can pile\ scrap heap\ undertaker\ Lake, Johnny - death\ Kennedy, Tom\ Central - cemetery|

17) Johnny Lake and Joe Ulmer continued.
pulled teeth\ moose\ head cheese\ recipe\ Lake, Johnny\ dog team\ mail contract\ Circle Hot Springs to Miller House\ Rivard, Jerry|

18) Frank and Graziella Miller.
Miller, Frank\ Miller, Graziella\ Miller House\ gold production\ population - effect of gold price\ Berry Dredge\ mail - gold|

19) Frank and Graziella Miller continued.
mail - gold\ Miller, Frank - story teller\ Williams, Jane - children|

20) Frank and Graziella Miller continued.
Williams, Jane - husband\ Miller, Frank\ Davidson Ditch\ Faith Creek\ siphon\ ditch|

21) Dr. Zurik.
newcomers\ Zurik, Dr.\ Zurik, Dr. - wife\ coming to Alaska - reasons\ Donnelly, Joe\ cabin - location\ Beistline, Earl\ Zurik, Dr. - son|

22) Dr. Zurik continued.
Berdahl, Johnny\ Berdahl , Johnny - son\ hunting\ hospitality - exchange\ Zurik, Dr.\ helping others\ Williams, Jane - children\ Rourke\ Williams, Jane - difficult delivery\ medicines|

23) Dr. Zurik continued.
Williams, Jane - children\ dislocated shoulder\ Williams, Jane - husband\ fish - hook\ Zurik, Dr. - wife\ Zurik, Dr. - son\ isolation\ mental illness\ Kennedy, Julie|

24) Dr. Zurik continued.
mental illness\ Kennedy, Julie\ Zurik, Dr. - death|

25) Circle Hot Springs.
Circle Hot Springs\ winter - miners stayed\ dances - Saturday\ Eagle Creek\ Berdahl, Johnny\ Berdahl, Johnny - wife\ Evelyn\ Williams, Jane - husband\ Berdahl, Johnny - children\ neighbors\ visiting\ gardens\ vegetables all winter|

26) Circle Hot Springs continued.
hot water\ swimming\ pools\ Tripp, Jack\ Cacy, Bob\ deterioration\ condensation|

27) Animals around Central.
berry - picking\ hunting\ Williams, Jane - husband\ moose\ caribou\ caribou - population shifts\ caribou - highway\ moose - mainstay\ fishing\ salmon\ trapping\ lynx\ wolves\ bears\ wild animal - population|

28) Animals continued.
ground squirrels\ Ketchem Rocks\ pikas\ parkas|

29) Diamonds.
power plant\ well\ diamond finds\ Diamond\ Gelvins\ Crooked Creek\ Warren, Mary\ Warren, Mary - husband\ Diamond\ Urban, Adolph - circus performer\ Linck, Alaska\ Stewarts\ Diamond - death|

30) Diamond continued.
Diamond\ Ericksen, Riley - gardening\ lemon\ Diamond - death|

31) Riley Ericksen.
Ericksen, Riley\ gold - sack\ nuggets - medium of exchange\ hospitality - helpfulness\ neighbors\ Doane\ Williams, Jane - husband\ Ericksen, Riley - death\ Knutsen, Big Nick\ N.C. Co.\ Ericksen - bookkeeping\ closing|

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